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Wat Bhuddhaisawan

Wat Bhuddhaisawan is located on west of the Chao Phraya River, Tambol Sam Phao Lom, Muang, Ayutthaya.

The temple is the location where King U-Thong stayed while the Grand Palace was being constructed. The main prang was build in 1352, perhaps making it the first Khmer-style prang constructed in Ayutthaya.

Many new constructions and renovations were added throughout the Ayutthaya period. After the city fell to the Burmese in 1767, even though this temple was not destroyed, it was heavily plundered. In order to fund the construction of a new capital and to finance armies for new wars against the Burmese, King Tak Sin sought resources from the old city. Chinese were recruited to find gold and silver in hidden caches. It took three large boats to haul away the precious metals from Wat Buddhaisawan alone. King Chulongkorn played an active role in renovating this temple afterwards. The Fine Arts Department continues to help with restoration even today.

Highlighted is a central white-painted prang. Inside the actual prang are two interesting Buddha footprints and a reclining Buddha image that hides in the back. There are galleries of Buddha images on all sides of the compound. There is also a mural painted on a wall depicting Thai monks on pilgrimage to Sri Lanka in 1753 and 1755. A beautiful reclining Buddha rests outside of the compound on the eastern side.

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