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Wat Kasattrathirat

Wat Kasatratiraj is situated in the outer ring of Ayutthaya city. It is beside by the river, opposite of Chedi Phra Si Suriyothai. According the characteristic of its prang, it is believed that the temple was built in the Sukhothai period, founded in B.E. 2200.

It was totally destroyed during the Burmese invasion. The Burmese used this temple as a military base to fire cannon across the river onto the city. The temple was built up again during the time of King Rama I. Prince Isranurak, King Rama I’s nephew, restored it under its new name. Under his renovations, the pagoda were added inside the main prang’s niches (in older periods this would have been a Buddha image). It is a beautiful arrangement of buildings at the river with the principal Buddha image inside the Ubosot.

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