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Wat Kudidao

Wat Kudi Dao is located in front of the railway station to the east, this old monastery has beautiful work with better craftsmanship than many other temples, but it has deteriorated to a high degree.

There is no historical record of this temple’s establishment, though its date is usually placed in the early Ayutthaya period. Many researchers suspect that it was constructed on the foundation of an earlier temple that predates Ayutthaya. King Boromkot (1733-1758) made many renovations at this temple even before ascending to the throne. The two story royal hall to the north is where he lived while inspecting progress. Wat Kudi Dao is located on the eastern loop of temple clusters. Few tourists travel to this part of Ayutthaya, although it is only a quick bike ride away. Wat Kudi Dao is a very extensive ruin with a number of architectural structures. Its highlights are a massive Langka-style chedi, which is broken in pieces around the courtyard and colonnades of enormous pillars with their lotus shaped capitals still intact.

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